My Winter Vacation

Stephanie Rietz, Reporter

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For my winter vacation, I spent time making extra money at work, got some homework done ahead of schedule, worked on a 2,000 piece puzzle, and took a trip to Omaha with my family.

The majority of what I did on break was pretty boring, come on, work and homework? Such is the life of the college student I guess. On the plus side, I can save some extra money for my big vacation in April, and now I am a bit ahead in my classes for homework. One really awesome thing that happened this week is that I got to upgrade my tablet. Now my fellow nerds out there will understand that this was probably the best gift I could ever give myself! I am already finding ways to keep myself more organized at school and work with it.

The best part of my break was the end of it. I got to enjoy an amazing weekend with my family in Omaha where we celebrated my daughter’s fourth birthday, tried a new restaurant, and my uncle helped me get started on building my portfolio for the show in April. Overall, it was a good break from school to get caught up on all the other bits of life.

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