Busy Busy Busy


Jackson Miller, Web Editor

Breaks from school are supposed time away, relaxation, nothing to do. My break was not exactly like that I spent my monday off back on campus assisting Nancy Sutton-Smith with career day for high school freshman. When tuesday came along I got up and went to the gym at 10 o’clock just to find out that my trainer, who shall remain nameless, had rescheduled my appointment till noon, so I wandered around Norfolk waiting. Tuesday afternoon came and so did the snow and rain which I drove in down to Columbus to visit my cousin Brock and his friend Nick. I spent Tuesday night and most of Wednesday in Columbus, before taking the two and a half hour drive to Kearney to visit my other cousin Jodi.I tell you one thing my little Ford escort was really huffing and puffing when we got off interstate in Kearney. I got to Kearney a little o quickly, so my cousin was not done with class so I went own to the corner to Walgreens to wander around and kill time. When Jodi got out of class we went to Perkins for supper then came back and hung out till bed time. Thursday went about the same way, got out of bed at the crack of noon and hung out for the rest of the day and evening till time for bed. I left columbus early Friday morning heading for home.As soon as I got home I went right off with my mom to pick out my Father, Harry Miller’s head stone. When we were done there mom and I headed off to Arby’s for supper and then to the Norfolk Home Show at the Northeast community college Ag center. When I finished there I went and helped a friend of mine move her stuff because she is moving out of the state, when me her and another friend finished supper went back to her house and watch” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Then on Saturday I got up at 11, ran out of the house for my 11:30 shift, and worked till 4:30 and then went out to supper with my mom and the friend who was moving. Afterwords I hung out with her for a while and then when bowling with some other friends of mine from work. Sunday turned out to the most uneventful day I got up had breakfast and did some homework and went to work. All in all my break was a good one, seeing people I have not seen in a while and sending some people off into their own life.