Campus Tobacco Ban

National Institutes of Health

Stephanie Rietz, Reporter

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Smoking cigarettes is something that is a part of our lives from the very beginning. We see others doing it, ads for cigarettes are on television and billboards, and we are told by many people throughout our lives not to do it because it is bad for us. Now, more places are banning smoking, and more laws are being made against it.

As of this fall, Northeast Community College (NECC) will be following the lead of many others and banning tobacco use campus-wide. Many people were involved in the making of this decision, including the college nurse, Gretchen Hupp. During a recent interview, Ms. Hupp stated that the new ban will “help improve the health of all those on campus, and help to develop a community of respect towards others and the environment.”

There are many specifics to the new ban. It is campus-wide, meaning no tobacco products anywhere on the property of NECC, including the parking lots; it extends to non-students and visitors as well; and it is for all tobacco products including electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco. This policy is not being enacted lightly, with much time and deliberation put into many factors on both sides of the argument. The decision was eventually made based on many deciding points including: the dangers of secondhand smoke, carcinogens and toxins polluting the air, lack of FDA testing for the electronic cigarettes, and instituting a better health level for all.

Ms. Hupp and the rest of the staff involved in making this decision understand that the transition to the new policy may be difficult for some. “The college is providing “Stop Smoking” classes, and for those who have more difficult time transitioning, they can come talk to me about the possibility of getting gum or patches”, said Ms. Hupp. And for those who would like to comment on this topic, you are welcome to stop by the Viewpoint office or leave a message in our comment box. Also, there is a possibility of getting a comment section on the official Northeast web page.

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