Get Ready: Graduation Is Coming

Get Ready: Graduation Is Coming

Jackson Miller, Reporter

All students dream of the end of school and for the graduating class of 2014 that dream is almost a reality. In preparation for their gradation students should have received an email from the registration office. If this email was not received the students are urged to contact the registration office. Karen Hoefler, the associate registrar at Northeast Community College says that the main reasons students do not receive their email is because it is set up to go to the preferred email on the students my northeast account, and “this may not be the email they are using at this time.” These applications were already due to the registration office by February 17th. If a student has not turned in their graduation application, do not worry , they just need to go and talk to the registration office as soon as possible. The graduation process is fairly simple, once the student has received the email from the registration office they need to click on the embedded link and verify their information including name, student number, degree and several other items. After that, students click the button that says ‘click to graduate’ and then answer a series of five easy questions, including whether or not they wish to attend the ceremony. That is all that needs to be done. ” It is all done electronically, so you don’t ever have to do any thing paper-wise,” Hoefler quipped.

There are many deadline coming up for perspective graduates, including the last date to decide whether they wish to walk at graduation, which is on April 11. For the full calendar of what needs to be done go to Records and Registration and click on graduation information.

It is February.  Graduation is on May 17, 2014.  If a student is failing a class right now that they need to graduate, the registration office would not know. All they get to see is the midterm grades and the final grades that faculty put into a students’ my northeast account.  Even if a student has a failing grade at midterms the registration office will keep the student on the graduation  list for the remainder of the term. Then the student will not receive their diploma in the month of May.  They can still walk, but no diploma will be given. On a side note, for all students who attend the graduation ceremony, the diplomas are not given out at the ceremony.  The students are given a diploma cover and the actual diploma is sent to them in the mail.

If a student has decided to transfer out of northeast to another college the registration office can help with that too. The first step for a transfer student is to put in an application for their formal transcript. The easiest way to do that is to go on to the northeast website and search “transcript request” which will bring you to the form on the admissions page.  So whether a student is gearing up for the end of their college career or just the first step on their path to success, a little work must be done to graduate and receive your diploma. The registration office can help.