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One Man’s Opinion : We Lose When Everyone’s A Winner

Dani Simmonds

Dani Simmonds

Joe Lose, Writer

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We can’t all win and we’re not all winners.  These are very important messages that, unfortunately, are being lost in today’s “Everyone is special” society.  In America’s Declaration of Independence, we wrote that all men are created equal, and I want you to know that that is the truth.  Just because we’re created equal doesn’t mean we remain equal.  Think about it.  Do you think the value of Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s life is equal to that of a drug-dealing gang member in Texas?  If you answered, “Yes,” you may see yourself out.  This article isn’t for you.  It’s what we can and can’t do, will and won’t do, and succeed or fail to that set us apart from each other.

Kids these days are bombarded with uplifting messages and encouraging awards even though they haven’t won or achieved anything.  Parents can now purchase trophies for their kids who didn’t win a dance competition.  What does that teach your kid?  You weren’t good enough to win, but look!  You still get the same rewards as the winner!  This is a problem.  If you don’t succeed at something, you need to accept your failure.  Furthermore, you need to understand why you failed so you can correct it.  People these days are having a huge amount of difficulty accepting their failures and are starting to blame them on other people.

Teachers are getting letters, phone calls, and angry visits from parents who are upset with their kids’ awful grades.  They’re so convinced that little Jimmy is just as smart and special as everyone else in the class, they decide it can only be the teacher’s fault he’s getting poor grades.  Why?  Because Jimmy is a winner no matter what and must be treated so.  “Never mind he never studies or turns in his homework.  He’s just as good as everyone else!”  This isn’t the way the real world works, people.

If losers or un-gifted kids (or adults for that matter) are given the same spoils as the victors, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Imagine your favorite band getting a brand new lead singer or guitarist for the sole reason that he “Has a great attitude” or “Always tries his best,” even though he can’t carry a tune or play a simple G chord.  Maybe your favorite baseball team brings in a new shortstop who can barely throw the ball to first base, but “Deserves a shot just like everyone else.”

Call it tough love or call me a jerk, but this is getting ridiculous.  Our failures need to be pointed out to us.  Why?  Not to tease or belittle us, but so we can learn from them.  When I started out as a radio DJ, I wasn’t very good.  My instructor was quick to point out exactly what I was doing wrong so I could focus on fixing it.  If he had told me I was doing extremely well from the beginning, I’d think I had nothing to learn, was a natural, try and land a full-time job, and fail miserably.

Failure is a part of life.  It always will be.  We’re all created equal, but we’re not all the same.  Attack your failures head on.  Learn from them.  Recognize when you failed and why.  Take a lesson from Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

“You got to lose to know how to win.”


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Joe Lose, Writer
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  1. Daniel on March 29th, 2014 7:25 pm

    You can’t lose with Lose!


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One Man’s Opinion : We Lose When Everyone’s A Winner