Graphic Design Portfolio Show


Graduating Graphic Design students with Instructor

Stephanie Rietz, Reporter

The Graphic Design program of study is a new concept to Northeast Community College. The program was opened in 2008 making the current graduating class the fifth to walk the stage and receive their degrees. The main instructor for the program is Mr. Schimonitz, known by most of his students as Mr. Phil, who has also taught at the University of Akron and Kent State in Ohio. The Design program culminates with the Capstone Portfolio class and the Portfolio Show.

The portfolio show is a day for students to show off all that they have been working on throughout their classes. Many people come to see the work on display, including family members, prospective students, and possible employers. The students in the class present their best works in a portfolio book and answer questions about designs, classes, and projects. “This is an opportunity to be able to present your work to potential employees in an environment that you control. It is also a time for me to show my portfolio, because my students are my portfolio. I will put my sophomores up against any sophomore from any other school. My goal for students leaving this program is to be wildly successful and ultimately employable and earn more than a basic living. I also want to get those who wish to continue schooling into the best schools possible.” -Mr. Phil.

The portfolio show for this graduating class will be in room 100B of the McClay building on the campus of Northeast Community College on April 26th, 2014. Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome to join. Keep watching The Viewpoint for more information on the show.