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Nothing Will Stop Me

Angela Richart, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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I want to play in a band with a crazy name

We’ll rock the show and go down with fame

I want to play second basemen for the Braves

Just think of all the outs and catches and saves

I want to go breakdancing on the moon

But I’d get all sweaty and then pretty soon

I’ll want to fly on a rocket ship

And I want to play in a Championship

I want to go skating in this special skating rink

Where athletes train for the Olympics, I think

I want to be on your  Television screen

I want to be the next Harvard dean

I will be whatever I want to be

Nothing, no nothing, will ever stop me

Even if I want to go shopping with Arnold Schwarzenegger

I’ll still stop on my way and give money to a beggar

I bet you didn’t know he wanted to be a dancer

But just like me, he ended up with cancer.

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Angela Richart, Editor-in-Chief

Staff Job Title: Editor-in-Chief----

Major: Mass Communications

Hometown: Oakdale, NE

About: I graduated from Elgin Public High School and this...

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