The Haze


Angela RIchart, Assistant Editor-in-Chief


As I looked out across the haze

Dust particles lingering in shades of grey

My eyes adjust to the piercing light

I see a movement just beyond my vision

From the corner of my eye, a thread

That separates the dawn from the dusk


I close my eyes, it is nearly dusk

Dark clouds have swallowed up the light

The sun reaches out through the haze

But all that is seen is a tiny thread

Of hope fading into grey

It is all a part of my vision


I can still see that vision

But then it snaps like a thread

I lose myself in the thickening haze

The day closes into dusk

Drowning in perpetual light


The horizon is laced with gentle rays of light

The dawn once again has overtaken dusk

I try to remember my dreams and my visions

Of the previous night, but they are grey

My mind travels slow, draped in haze

Everything seems to swing by a thread


The day begins to unravel like a thread

It is suspended in darkness rather than light

Cold, like the stars of a night time vision

Just after the sun sets at dusk

Everything turns into a bitter grey

But now the only left in the sky is haze

-Angela Richart

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