Traveling the World: Italy and Spain

Jackson Miller

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to another country, Northeast Community College has you covered. In the spring of 2014 the Northeast Community College “Go Global” Program is taking a trip over seas to Italy and Spain. In preparation for this trip students at northeast and satellite campuses must take a three credit hour class to prepare. Spanish instructor Wendy Swenson teaches a class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons at 12 o’clock in McClay room 132. This class teaches the students some of the history, geography, communication, culture, food, and other things about the countries said Swenson. A little of that language is learned in this class, not because she expects her students to be fluent, but because, “ native speakers appreciate the attempt.” Swenson also said that many things are covered in this class but, “ we can’t cover it all … some of it comes from true travel experience.” Pam Saalfeld, the Associate Dean of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Division, also stated that there are some special safety concerns when it comes to traveling overseas such as terrorism and theft. Fortunately Northeast Community College keeps on eye on the country watch lists and grantees that no students will get sent into an unsafe country or area.

Swenson joined the “ Go Global” program 3 years ago, and has loved doing the trips. Saalfeld is a seasoned traveler who was fortunate as a girl to go on, “ parent family vacations” and fall into a love of travel, that she hopes rubs off on her students. She has been to England, and Scotland with the college as well as many other places on her own.  Both Swenson and Saalfeld love to travel and are very excited to go on this trip, and share their experiences with eager young students, who many, “want to go back some day.”