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Ben Temple, Reporter

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PBL–three Greek letters that may seem meaningless to most, spell out an opportunity for success to those fortunate enough to join. PBL is short for Phi Beta Lambda, a national business club for college students. Northeast Community College has its own chapter of PBL in which students can participate and learn about business.

According to Beth Ebmeier, VP of Public Relations for NECC’s PBL, the main purpose of PBL is to develop better leaders and business professionals. PBL grooms business students and helps to maximize their potential. Being well equipped for the business world is important for any student, not just the business majors. Therefore, PBL is open to all college students, whatever their majors may be. The end result of PBL sounds great, but the real question is how do the students in PBL become better prepared for the business world?

Preparing for the business world can be challenging, so the NECC chapter of PBL approaches the matter in many ways. Firstly, PBL holds a weekly meeting at which students can learn more about business, ask questions from the advisor, Angie Shaffer, and think of ways to help the community through fundraiser projects and charities. Though most of the PBL year is comprised of these meetings, there are other opportunities for students to improve in business. Throughout the year, the students raise money to help pay for costs at PBL conventions. According to Ebmeier, these conventions happen several times a year, and students have the opportunity to attend business workshops and meet new business contacts. Students can also compete in business related tests at these conventions such as marketing, economics, and advertising. By preparing for these business tests, students not only learn about business, but also participate in business.

Overall, PBL is an excellent opportunity to learn more about business, meet great friends, and help the community as a whole. It prepares the students of today to become the business leaders of tomorrow. Perhaps those three Greek letters aren’t so meaningless after-all.

For more information about PBL, contact Angie Shaffer, (402)844-7297.

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