One Man’s Opinion: Your Self-Image is Your Job

Joe Lose, Reporter

You have probably noticed a lot of articles related to body image issues lately.  They are all over the internet including, FaceBook and Twitter.  The vast majority of them are incredibly unhelpful.  And here’s why.

These stories spend most of their time slamming gorgeous models, actresses, and the like, because of their beauty.  The argument: “These women set an impossible standard of beauty.”  They will go on to tell you that these models make girls of all ages uncomfortable with their own bodies. Instead of praising these women for keeping their bodies in shape and looking good, they are demonized for being “too attractive,” and forcing other girls to go to extreme measures to look like them.

Do you see the problem here?  It’s not the models.  We use to honor and hold in high praise, those among us who achieved greatness in their lives.  It is a model’s job to be in shape and look good.  That is her chosen career.  She earns her money and her livelihood by looking good.  Now, instead of recognizing and being happy for a Victoria’s Secret Angel or stunning actress, we say how harmful she is for girls.  The pretty gals are not the problem.  It’s those who judge them poorly and ask, “How dare they be that good-looking?  Who do they think they are?”

Let’s try looking at this a different way.  If someone in one of your classes aces a test that they studied eight hours for, would you be mad at them for it?  You should not be.  That person put in a huge effort to earn that grade and they should be rewarded for it.  Just like a country singer that starts playing for tips on a barstool and ends up selling out Madison Square Garden the next year.  It is a huge accomplishment that should be acknowledged and praised.  Not torn apart by jealousy.  These people took it upon themselves to work hard at something and have earned their rewards.

Ladies and gentlemen, you too can reward yourself and look like your favorite movie stars, singers, and models.  But like everything else in life, it takes hard work.  These people are paid to look good, so they are incredibly motivated to keep their physiques.  You will not find them sleeping in on every day off, scarfing fast food every day, or being lazy.

Stay with me on this one, because you might not like what I’m about to say.  A poor body image of yourself is no one’s fault but yours.  Blaming these problems on an attractive person is like “tanking” a test and blaming your failure on your teacher or other students in class.  You got the “F” because you did not study.

We need to stop blaming others for our faults and shortcomings.  Let’s take responsibility and care of our bodies.  Mix in a salad, play a NECC rec sport, go for a run, hit the weights.  There are so many things you can do to get in shape.  Trust me, you will feel better about yourself immediately.