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Tana Coulibaly

Karly Liska

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Tana Coulibaly

Tana Coulibaly

Country:  Ivory Coast

Why NECC:  To master the English language.

Major:  Business and ministration

Oddest thing about America:  American Football

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About the Writer
Karly Liska, Reporter

Job Title: Reporter



Major: Journalism

Hometown: Verdigre, Ne

About: I grew up on a farm and attended Verdigre Public School.  I was on the Yearbook staff in my senior year of high school and am now on my second year of journalism in college.  I am a book fan, not a sports fan and I am very quiet.  I am so quiet, people usually forget that I’m in the room.  I’m really excited to finish my final year of school, but I still don’t know what I’m going to do after I graduate.

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Tana Coulibaly