Happy Halloween-Story by: Whitney Tyrrell;Picture by: Dillon Krueger

Dillon Krueger

Whitney Tyrrell

“They’ll eat your insides and suck out your blood.” My older brother continued the legend of Mr. and Mrs. Corpse that supposedly lived in the house down the street.

                “Quit trying to scare me Zach it’s not going to work.” I stuck out my tongue at him even though secretly I was quite frightened.

                “I saw them once you know.” He went on.

                “You did not! Mom says the house is too dangerous to play around.” I felt my nerves kick in.

                “That’s just because she didn’t want to scare you.” I felt my bones chill. Mom knows everything it must be true.

                “Well tell me the story.” I gulped.

                “You sure you can handle it?” He grinned at me devishly.

                “I’m ten I can handle anything.” I stuck my nose in the air.

                “Alright well get comfy it’s a long story.” He began in the story and I was drawn in.

                On all Hallow’s Eve when the moon is bright the true monsters come out to play. Zombies, witches, devils, and more the earth becomes their playground and we become their toys. But the ones to be most wary of are the Sanderson’s the couple that haunts the house down the street. They suck the souls from your very body and you’re left there to die. The most frightening part of all is that they can suck your soul without you noticing until you’re on the ground begging for mercy. Their disguise? Every day people like you and me. But their true form is the most horrifying monster you’ll ever see.

“It’s almost time.” Traci called John to the window from the attic.

“I’ve been starving.” John wrapped his arms around her.

“My dear we’ll soon feast again. Come we must set out our trap.” They walked down the stairs to set out candy and turn on the porch light before setting everything else up.

“Alright you have table ready for soul strugglers?” Traci hollered from the kitchen. Soul strugglers were the ones who had the most stubborn souls.

“All set up. It’s about time my sweet.” They kissed and headed to their stations. They watched as the first trick-or-treater reached the door and knew that this would be an easy one.

“Come in my sweet, we won’t harm you.” Traci sing song voice lured the child in.

“Trick-or-treat.” The child sounded so meek and right before another word could be spoken they began to suck the soul from the child not leaving any bit of it in. Their sharp vicious teeth protruded from their mouths and their faces became sunken.

“You look beautiful, we must have more.” John went back to the window to watch as more trick-or-treaters arrived. One by one they sucked the souls out of many children and even some adults and finally they were back to their true form.

“That’s not scary at all.” I stuck my tongue out.

                “Of course you don’t find that scary just wait it’s about to get a lot scarier.” I watched in horror when what I thought was my brother and mother form into none other than John and Traci.

                “No please don’t” I squealed.

                “We’ve been saving you for last.” And before I could peep another word they sucked the soul from me.

 dead couple2

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