Part Two: The Face Of Janey Burks

Whitney Tyrrell, Author

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A fair warning to all my beloved readers, this week it’s a bit short due to personal reasons! Next week though I will make up for it! Enjoy! -Whitney



I can’t believe I actually just did that. Who knew I had the guts?

“Alright you lose.” I walked up to Georgia.

“What do you mean?” She turned around from the line at the cafeteria.

“I asked him.” I crossed my arms and grinned.

“You’re kidding me, I didn’t think you had the nerve. Well congrats I owe you a pack of cigarettes and I don’t even smoke.” She grabbed her wrap.

“How did it feel?” We sat down.

“Kind of like an adrenaline rush, I liked it.” I felt my cheeks redden.

“Well my oh my we may be getting somewhere.” She took a bite.

“Shut up, I just need to find something to wear.” I stole her other half.

“I was going to eat that.” She spoke with her mouth full.

“Not anymore.” I laughed and took a bite.

“Bitch.” She grumbled.

“Whore.” I retorted.

“Slut bags.” I heard Eva approach us with fries and a soda.

“Skinny bitch.” Georgia stole a fry.

“I think the insults can stop now.” I giggled and took another bite of the wrap.

“So did she do it?” Eva looked at me and back at Georgia.

“Hell yeah I did.” I felt proud.

“Well hot damn I don’t believe it, you do have the guts.”  She drenched her fries in ketchup.

“You want some ketchup with those fries?” I laughed.

“You know my love for ketchup.” She dipped her fry.

“So you need to help me find a costume.” I looked at Eva.

“Oh hun we got you.” Georgia stepped in.

“Definitely.” They exchanged an evil grin and I had a feeling we weren’t just going costume shopping.


What was I thinking? Going to another college’s frat party? She didn’t tell me that this was what it was. Damn what was I thinking when I said yes? I guess my right head wasn’t really thinking for me at the time. I walked towards the lawn and I looked just like one of them, it was made clear when I saw the way girls looked at me. Just like in college.

“Hey good looking.” I was hoping it was Janey but instead it was some girl who did not get the theme.

“Um hi.” I stopped in the doorway.

“I’m Ali.” She grinned.

“Clint.” I replied politely and continued to look around for Janey.

“Who you looking for big boy?” She wrapped herself around my arm.

“No one.” I shook her off and kept walking into the house.

“Clint?” I saw a dark haired girl over by the island in the kitchen with beautiful porcelain skin call my name. After looking into those eyes I realized it was Janey, she looked absolutely breath taking. I knew she’d been caring more about her appearance lately but tonight she just looked stunning.

“Janey, hey.” I had already promised myself that I wouldn’t be Mr. Romano tonight I was Clint.

“You look good.” She smiled and gave me a tiny hug.

“Thanks you too, so where can a guy get a drink around here?” I felt my muscles relax.

“Over here boo!” Georgia handed me a red cup full of beer.

“Thanks.” I took a drink of and watched them stare at me.

“Can I help you?” I looked at them.

“Sorry it’s just…” Her one friend who I didn’t know started in before Georgia interrupted.

“It’s like watching a dog walk on his hind legs.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m a teacher not an alien. I’m two years older than the seniors at that college.” I finished my drink and Georgia gave me a refill.

“Seriously guys chill.” Janey looked a little embarrassed.

“I love this song!” Georgia started dancing a little.

“I gotta go find me a man.” Georgia left the room and immediately started attracting males, it was the confidence that turned a man on in the long run.

“I’m Eva by the way.” Her friend introduced herself.

“Clint.” I nodded and she leaned in closer to me.

“Don’t worry about Jay she’s just a little nervous. Talk to her she’ll warm up.” She smiled kindly and walked off moving her hips to the music.

“You need a refill?” I noticed her empty cup.

“Not of that nasty shit, we need shots.” She grinned.

“Did someone say shots?!” I heard a random frat guy yell.

“Body shots!” Another yelled and a whole ton of guys started towards the kitchen.

“Pretty lady can I get your name?” I saw one guy wrap his arm around Janey and hold an imaginary microphone to her face.

“Janey.” She giggled.

“Would you like to be our first contestant Janey?” He asked.

“Hell yeah.” She hollered and threw her fist in the air.

“Alright fellas who wants a taste of this pretty little number?” He made her twirl and I felt my jealousy kick in.

“Five dollars!” One guy shouted. This was some sort of game?

“Ten.” I was going to win her.

“Fifteen.” Another yelled.

“Do I hear twenty?” The microphone guy shouted.

“Twenty-five.” I shouted and she gave me a look.

“What? I like to win.” I winked.

“Thirty.” Another bid.

“Forty.” I practically growled. I wasn’t about to watch her get licked up by some random guy.

“Do I hear forty-five?” The mic guy shouted again.

“Forty-five.” The same guy at thirty shouted again.

“Fifty.” I had no idea what had come over me.

“You can have her man.” The guy backed out.

“You sure you can handle this.” Janey had been drinking before I arrived obviously.

“You bet.” I gave the announcer a fifty and took off my suit jacket.

“Do I get to decide where he licks off me?” She laid down on the table.

“Sure.” I grinned.

“Right here.” She lifted up her top and directed her fingers to her belly button.

“Deal.” I had to control my thoughts.

“Ready man?” The mic guy held the bottle.

“Ready.” I was a little too excited to do this but I didn’t let it show.

“Suck it off, it’s cold.” Janey giggled as I leaned down as I licked the vodka off her navel.

“Damn that shit burns.” I stood up straight.

“You’re good at that.” Janey sat up and her arm around my neck.

“You’re a little drunk aren’t you?” I kept her from falling back.

“Just a smidge.” She held her fingers up to show me.

“Let’s get you out of here.” I pulled her off the table and we headed to the back porch.

“Fresh air.” We sat on a swing.

“Why do you hate me?” She blurted.

“Excuse me?” I was actually shocked.

“Why do you hate me? I just don’t get it.” She looked at me teary eyed.

“I don’t hate you.” Our eyes locked.

“Then what is it? You treat me differently than the rest.” I felt our serious connection.

“I can’t tell you. I had no idea I treated you differently though, I’m sorry.” I was such a chicken shit.

“It’s not like you like me or anything.” She laughed and I felt the silence grow.

“Do you?” Her face turned serious.

“I would be lying if I said no.” I gulped. There it was the truth in all its glory or maybe not so much.

“You’re kidding.” She stared wide eyed.

“Not at all.” For once I felt like the fool.

“You’re my teacher.” She stood up.

“I’m sorry but I thought maybe since you invited me tonight you liked me too.” I quickly gathered my thoughts. She was going to flip out and I was going to get in trouble.

“Well how couldn’t I like you? You’re sweet, funny, charming and hot as hell.” She clasped her hands around her mouth in shock with herself.

“It’s alright.” I laughed.

“I can’t like a teacher! It’s so against all the rules.” She grabbed her hair.

“Rules aren’t always made to be followed.” I touched her arm.

“We don’t even know each other.” She turned to face me and without realizing how close I was our lips almost touched.

“We can get to know each other.” I smiled.

“Why do you like me?” She stared into my eyes.

“I could ask you the same thing. I just do.” I shrugged and brushed her bangs away from her eyes.

“You’re trouble.” I felt her breath hitch.

“You have no idea.” I leaned in and kissed her without even thinking.

“You just kissed me.” She stepped back.

“Yeah I did.” I was ready to be slapped.

“You shouldn’t have stopped.” She pulled me back in and the kissing began lots of kissing.

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