The Two New Fashion Divas

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Whit and I will be updating this every week to help the students and faculty of NECC stay in check with the latest fashions. We will be posting pictures of the best dressed on campus every week. If you have style questions, ask us on the Viewpoint’s facebook and twitter accounts. Follow @neccviewpoint on Twitter and like The Viewpoint on Facebook. Every other month starting in November, we will have competitions for different dress up days. The winners will be announced the following week. The prizes will be announced as the dress up days are.

We will be taking pictures of different looks that you might think are outdated but we will show you how to make them look in style and fashionable. As college students, we do not have the money to stay up to date and buy all the new fashion trends but we will show you how to turn that sweatshirt or old pair of jeans from drab to fab.

Whit and Lizz- The fashion divas on campus

Whit and Lizz- The fashion divas on campus

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