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Tania Saiz

Tania Saiz

Tania Saiz

Whittier Thomas, columnist

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What do all women suffer from when in a relationship? Jealousy. Yes you may say you never get jealous but we all know you do. Own it, it’s okay to be a little jealous sometimes. But why are you jealous is what makes it ok or not. If you’re jealous because your boyfriend smiles kindly at your waitress in the restaurant you’re eating at, you my friend have a problem. But if you’re jealous when your boyfriend blatantly ignores you to talk to some his friends that just so happen to be girls you have every right to be jealous. Angela Baker, psychology major said, “Jealousy is linked to insecurity. Even if the man is in the wrong, it still is linked to insecurity. Something you’re not sure about in yourself.”

One of my friends that I’ve been getting to know this year is having that problem. Ladies I have a question for all of you, what would you do if your boyfriend had lots of girl friends before you two met and then continued the friendships after you two started dating? And fellas what would you do? Would you keep the friends but give obvious distance between the friendships or continue them like it was no big deal.

Here’s my thing as a lady in love with the greatest man ever. If he had girl friends and blew me off for them well you’re in trouble. That is not okay with me in any way shape or form, he’s mine not yours and I don’t share. Another thing if he thinks it’s okay to do this then there’s obviously a problem with him. He may or may not have commitment issues first off, second off he may just be a huge flirt and always need constant female attention and lastly he may just be a man that likes to stray and no girl wants that.

Let me tell you all something, girls always have a hidden agenda! You got that? As a girl myself I would know, when we want something we will go after it until we get it or crush everything in its path. So guys you may think that your girl “friends” just want to stay friends but usually that’s never the case, unless you’re unattractive or a jerk in which case we probably won’t befriend you then. This all sounds kind of sour but the truth is never sweet.

So my final question is what should she do? Confront him and tell him what’s up or just hope it goes away? I will leave that answer up to you.


-xoxo, Whittier

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