This Is Not a Love Poem

This Is Not a Love Poem

Angela Richart

Thrown toothpicks and plastic cups

“You’re so stupid”s and “Shut the hell up’s”

You’re never sweet, but always cruel

Worse than raw meat, and dogs that drool

With eyes blacker than the blackest ink

Bathed in a cloud of cologne stink

You never smile, but always smirk

Never been nothing but a first-rate jerk

You’re tripping me when I walk by

I swat you in the face and say “There was a fly.”

Nasty insults and more comebacks

Your favorite seat and a box of tacks

You’d like me if I weren’t so mean

I’d like you if you ruptured your spleen

On and on our battles go

They seem to do nothing but grow and grow

Surely, we’ll go down in history

But will we ever be friends? Ah that is a mystery.

Maybe someday we’ll grow up

But for right now…just shut the hell up

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