Part One: New York, the Upper East Side

By: Whitney Tyrrell

Love is a wildfire, it spreads and you can’t control where it goes no matter how hard you try. I found a love like that my second year of college, I didn’t think it would ever happen so fast and I didn’t think the heartbreak would hurt so much.
I’m Brier, but you can call me Bee. I stand at 5’2 and weight about 110, I have long blonde hair that has this natural wave and blue eyes. I’ve always been the quiet the one, but this year I want things to change. Since I attend Columbia in New York it’s easy to go unnoticed but this year was going to be different, I was in debate and a lot of the good business classes so I knew my voice would be heard.
“Bee c’mon let’s go already!” My friend Sophie banged on my dorm room door.
“I have nothing to wear!” I swung the door the open and she barged in.
“You do, it’s all just “too sexy” for you. Let’s find something.” She pulled me towards my closet.
“Not that. Ew. Too frumpy. My grandma has this. Wait, here we go, perfect.” She threw outfits left and right and grabbed my black dress that hugged my body and showed it off perfectly.
“That? I cannot pull that off.” I felt the butterflies.
“Do you want to be noticed this year?” She eyed me, Sophie was gorgeous she had long legs, tan skin, dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. Guys always noticed her. But I tried not to be jealous since she’s been my best friend since my senior year of high school.
“Yes.” I mumbled and grabbed the dress from her hands.
“Let me grab my makeup bag quickly and do something with your hair!” She yelled before leaving the room again.
I looked at my hair in the mirror, I thought it looked fine, the natural wave in it was looking really good today. So all I did was brush through it one more time and gave it a little more volume.
“What are you doing? Get dressed.” She rushed me and started applying makeup to my face. If it wasn’t for Sophie I would be lost. But I’d never tell her that, naturally.
“You look hot, now put these heels on.” She tossed me a pair of her heels, good thing we had the same size of feet.
“I look ok?” I spun around anxiously.
“Yes, look at yourself, you’re smoking.” She brought me so I was looking at myself in front of the mirror.
“Alright I suppose, let’s go. Why are you making me go to this guy’s party again?” We walked down the halls of the Columbia dorms.
“He’s the key to being recognized, he’s like the next great politician.” Sophie opened the door.
“Hey ladies, wanna get nasty?” A group of guys walked by us whistling at us and such.
“Get real.” Sophie rolled her eyes and kept walking.
“Okay but why is this so important?” I hollered a taxi for us.
“Because everyone who’s anyone will be there and he’s so hot Bee you have no idea. If he notices you, you’re set for life.” She blabbed on about this guy the entire way while I just looked out at the city lights.
“I can’t do this, I’m better at being nobody.” I started to turn and she stopped me.
“No, we are doing this, you and I both know that this will be good for you.” She pulled my arm and we walked up to the loft, I could hear lots of chatter and music in the background too.
“Oh my gosh this place is gorgeous.” Someone let us in and took our jackets.
“I know right, come on I have some friends you need to meet.” While Sophie was the social butterfly of the two of us I stuck with just having her as a friend so it was time for me to branch out.
“Bee this is Dan, he’s going to law school.” She made sure we got to talking, I had a feeling she was playing cupid.
Dan and I talked for a while but to be honest he was so dull I felt like I was talking to a brick wall. Lucy and Rochelle were nice enough, fake and two faced but I knew that with them as friends they could get me places I would never even be able to dream of. I ended up wandering around on my own giving up on the hunt for Sophie. Somehow I ended up in a library and decided to stick there since I loved books so much and couldn’t stand the rich kids feeling up one another. Yes I come from a wealthy family but that’s no excuse for me to act like a whore.
“You like the books?” I heard a deep voice from the doorway.
“They’re wonderful, I wish I had this sort of collection.” I turned and saw the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen, I had no idea who he was but I wanted to.
“I haven’t even read more than ten of these to be honest, most of them are so old you can’t read them without ruining them.” He stepped closer and my breath hitched.
“Oh so this is your place, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have made myself at home like this.” I felt my skin flush.
“You’re fine, I just came in here to catch a breather.” He took a drink of what looked like scotch.
“I’ll leave you alone.” I held my clutch bag close to me before walking towards the door.
“No you can stick around.” He held out his arm stopping me.
“I’m Brier but call me Bee.” I turned around and smiled as I shook his hand.
“Noah.” His smile was breathtaking.
“So you’re the guy every girl talks about then.” I felt my breasts press against my tight dress.
“I must be, I’ve never seen you around, you a freshman?” He gave me the up down look.
“No, this is my second year but I don’t go out much.” My skin flushed again.
“You sure do blush a lot.” He grinned.
“Oh I’m sorry.” Of course my skin got redder.
“No it’s cute, I like it.” He looked at me like I was some sort of prey.
“Well I better go find my friend.” I gathered my thoughts and started walking out again.
“Hey Bee, you look great by the way.” He tipped his glass to me and winked.
Oh my gosh did that seriously just happen? I felt like my face was going to burn off I was so red.
“Bee! Where have you been?! I’ve been looking for you.” I saw Sophie approach me with a man on her arm.
“Sorry I was just walking around. Um who’s this?” I laughed a little.
“This is Jacob, Jacob this is Bee.” She was a little tipsy.
“Well you two have a fun night, I’m heading back to the dorms.” I went to the front to get my jacket checked out.
“We will, love you Bee!” She blew me a kiss and I just laughed and blew one back.
As I was walking out to get a taxi I heard an all too familiar holler name.
“Where do you think you’re going?” I could see Noah stick his head out the window.
“Back to the college, why?” I turned to the building.
“Wait right there don’t go anywhere.” He popped his head back in and was in front of me in a matter of minutes.
“You can’t just leave your party.” I chuckled.
“I can do what I want. They won’t even notice I’m gone.” He slipped his jacket on.
“Alright well I’m just going back to the dorms so I don’t know why you had to come out here.” I put my hands in my jacket.
“Oh no you’re not. We’re going to have some fun.” I looked at his now loosened tie and scruffy hair. I had no idea he was so hot. His muscles hugged his sleeves, I could even see his blue eyes in the darkness of the night and that dark hair he was like a god.
“Why are you so enthralled with me?” I was honestly bewildered.
“Because you’re sexy as hell and I love that you don’t even know you are.” His honesty caught me by surprise.
“That’s not what I expected to hear.” I blinked.
“Good, you need a little surprise in your life.” He gave me a crooked grin.
“How would you know anything about my life?” I put my hands on my hips.
“I don’t. Taxi!” He yelled and the next taxi stopped right in front of us.
“Ladies first.” He let me in first.
First he took me to this little ice cream shop that’s open 24 hours that I’ve never been to, we shared a chocolate sundae it was probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. After that we went down to this park. He made me swing with him, he told me everything about his life and I was surprised on how open he was. For example, the many threesomes he’s had were very shocking and a displeasing to me but what could I expect? He’s like the most eligible bachelor at Columbia. The last place was this huge hotel his friend owned. We headed to the bar and he ordered us some drinks.
“So Brier tell me more about yourself.” The bartender brought us our drinks.
“I’ve told you everything there is to know.” I took a drink and it was amazing.
“For some reason I don’t believe that.” He watched me carefully.
“Hate to disappoint you but my life is boring, my family is loaded and I have one brother that about sums it all up. I’ve already told you the rest.” I crossed my legs.
“How tall are you?” He checked out my legs.
“5’2, why?” I laughed a little.
“No reason just curious.” He looked at me like I was prey again and my heart sped up.
“Can I be completely honest? You make me nervous as hell.” The alcohol had sunk into my veins.
“Good, it’s extremely attractive.” He set his hand on my thigh and my breath hitched.
“What are you doing?” I looked at his hand wide eyed.
“Making you nervous, is it working?” He grinned.
“Yes, it is.” I gulped.
“Well I should get you back to the dorms it’s getting late.” He looked at his watch.
“Yeah, sounds good.” I hopped off the stool before noticing that he caught me and sat me down.
“You need some help?” His grip was right along my breast line and I felt very uneasy.
“Thank you.” We made eye contact and I felt the zap of energy between us.
“Before I go and do something dumb you should go.” He broke the eye contact.
“I guess so, thanks for the night.” I blinked out of my daze and left the hotel, left Noah at the bar still drinking.
I got back to the dorms and I couldn’t get him out of my mind the entire night, I kept tossing and turning. I knew already that this would be a long weekend.
By Monday I’d let the thought of him go, he probably had a girl every night this weekend and I was just a distant memory. I should have pushed him more, maybe he would have let me stay if I wasn’t such a prude. I mean I wasn’t a prude I’ve had my fair share of well sex but it’s always been with a boyfriend, I’ve never had a one night stand. But I wasn’t about to throw away my morals for some guy. I walked into my first class and sat in my usual seat, I saw a group of girls walk in talking about Noah.
“Did you see that girl he followed at his party?” One scoffed.
“Yes! She wasn’t even that pretty.” I heard one rant on.
“She had a nice body but that was it.” The other rolled her eyes.
My face turned red and I just wanted to run out crying. I’m sensitive when it comes to make looks, I’ve always lacked self confidence in myself and this was the cherry on top of it all. I watched as Soph walked in and she automatically knew something was wrong.
“What happened to you? I tried calling you all weekend.” She sat beside me.
“Sorry, I did a lot of studying and stuff.” I shrugged.
“What’s wrong sweetie.” She jumped right in, no beating around the bush.
“Well I sort of met Noah.” I whispered quietly.
“No shit! Oh my gosh, he’s hot right?” She squealed.
“Be quiet seriously, yes he’s hot and well he kind of sort of took me on a date.” I mumbled even quieter.
“You’re kidding! Bee that’s great! So what’s wrong?” She looked confused.
“Those three.” I pointed at the girls a couple rows in front of us.
“Don’t let jealous bitches get to you. I think it’s great you left with Noah.” Sophie said it loud enough for the girls to hear and I could tell they were mortified.
“Stop it, but thank you.” I smiled a little.
“So how was it?” She looked for the dirt.
“We didn’t do anything.” I glared at her a little.
“Nothing?! Not even a kiss?” She looked surprised.
“Nope, nothing. I guess I just wasn’t doing it for him.” I shrugged.
“He obviously likes you. He never leaves a girl without at least kissing them unless he really likes her.” Her eyes were filled with glee for me.
“Whatever, don’t get my hopes up, I’ve already had them crushed by me.” I tried to play it cool but I wondered if she was right.
“He’s totally into you, just wait.” She whispered back and class started.
That’s exactly what I did, I waited for days, then weeks, and finally a month and a half rolled around and still nothing. I saw him once in a while on campus or at a restaurant he was always surrounded by girls. Finally I said screw it and gave up, it was a Saturday night in November and the weather had drastically changed. Sophie was picking me up for a party tonight.
“You ready Bee?” Sophie walked into the dorm.
“Just about it, I gotta get some shoes on.” I walked out in a short gold sequins dress with black tights and black pumps.
“You look hot. Let’s go.” Sophie grinned obviously noticing that I’ve branched out.
Once we got to the party I gave the coat man my coat and cellphone.
I decided to walk around and mingle for a bit but after three glasses of champagne and a crowd, I had to step aside for a breather. I walked into what looked like a study and closed the door behind.
“We meet again.” I quickly spun around to see Noah sitting at the desk.
“You scared me.” I held my chest as my heart raced.
“I didn’t mean to, so is this like a thing for you, sneaking away at parties.” He got up started to close the distance between us.
“I guess so.” I fidgeted with my clutch.
“You look great, as always.” He took a drink of scotch.
“You’re a little tipsy aren’t you?” I tried to be playful.
“A little.” He looked at me like I was prey yet again and I felt my insides stir.
“Then you shouldn’t do anything stupid.” I stuttered.
“What I’m about to do isn’t stupid.” He was face to face with me now.
Before I could stop him his lips were on mine and then I stupidly let my mouth part inviting in his tongue, his scent, his everything.
The rush of it all I guess is what got me caught up in the moment because before I knew I was in nothing but my undergarments and he had me propped up on the desk. The feel of his skin against me gave me chills and his smell was so intoxicating. I could taste the scotch on his lips and it only made me want him more. It wasn’t until I heard a rapid knock on the door that I realized how much I suddenly needed him.
“Noah you in there?” It was a guys voice.
“Yeah just give me a minute.” He cleared his throat.
“I should um get going.” I hopped off the desk and quickly got dressed.
“Hey here’s my number. Call me.” He gave me a kiss on the forehead and snuck out before I could stop him.
Did this just really happen? He gave me his number does he do that a lot? I’m screwed. I needed to find Sophie, stat. I left the study and made my towards Soph in the middle of a group.
“You look like you just did something naughty.” She laughed and I just looked at her.
“You did do something naughty!” She looked around a little.
“Maybe” I was quiet.
“Holy shit Bee!” She gasped.
“Uh excuse us.” I pulled her out of the group.
“Who was it?” She pulled me close so she could hear.
“Noah.” I looked at my feet ashamed.
“You didn’t have sex with him did you?” She sounded a little judgmental which is surprising for her.
“No good lord no. It was just a very heated make out session.” My insides stirred again.
“Oh my god this is so hot. What are you going to do?” I looked at her and she knew the answer.
“It’s for the best honestly if you have chemistry with Noah you shouldn’t be stringing Chris along.” She shrugged.
“You’re right. Look I’m gunna go, I just need some air and time to think. I love you and call me!” We kissed each other’s cheeks and I left.
“You always run away?” I turned around and Noah was catching up to me.
“You always stalk me like this?” I retorted.
“Woah someone is a little wound up.” He smirked.
“I’m sorry I just…what we did has me a little out of sorts.” I rubbed my temples.
“It was hot that’s what it was.” He winked.
“You, stop, you blow me off for an entire month and in the mean time of loads of mindless unemotional sex and now you want me.” I was a little irritated.
“Hey now you never made any effort either and as I recall you have a boyfriend.” He had a point.
“Just stay away from me.” I pushed him back.
“What if I can’t?” He grabbed my hand.
“Well try.” I looked away.
“I’m terrible at trying things I don’t want to.” I felt his hands begin to wrap around me.
“You’re so out of my league.” I blushed.
“Oh no honey you’re what every guys wants, what every guy needs and I’m going to have you because I want and need you.” His lips brushed mine.
“I don’t know.” I was more talking to myself.
“I can’t resist you.” His breath against my skin made me shiver.
“Why are you so intoxicating?” I caught my breath.
His lips were on mine once again as he had me pinned against the wall pulling up dress to touch my thighs. I let my hands explore his body this time and soon his jacket was gone. When he kissed my neck I felt myself shiver and that seemed to motivate him to go even further. Once he got to my collar bones I thought I was going to lose it. People walked by but I didn’t care I was so wrapped up in him I couldn’t think of anything else.
“Let’s get out of here.” He set me down and brushed away my hair.
“I’m not a booty call.” I stiffened.
“Oh sweetheart I know and I don’t intend for you to be one.” He kissed my forehead like early and I think someone snapped a picture but I wasn’t sure.
“You swear?” I looked at him.
“Trust me, you’re special, I’m not going to screw it up.” He grinned.
“Alright then I trust you.” I let our fingers intertwine.
“Let’s go.” I followed him down a flight stairs and I realized that my life was about to change and in such a good way.