Always Someone Listening



Angela Richart

Are you looking for a fun and exciting career? Do you like using your voice to entertain and inform people? Then broadcasting here on the Northeast Campus might be the right program to get you started. Broadcasting is communication through radio, television, the internet and other audio and visual sources.

Instructor, Brian Anderson, has experienced the world of radio for many years and has worked for a variety of local stations as well as being the news director at KTIV in Sioux City. He’s been in the business long enough to see the transition from 8-track players to records and CD’s, as well as operating today’s automated music systems.

Anderson uses a hands-on approach to teach his classes, which consist of labs and demos using equipment from actual studios. These classes are available at different times throughout the day, Monday through Friday. Anderson says the program will set you up to get a job anywhere in radio. However, the passion to be on-air, must be in the student.

Starting off in radio, you must be willing to take unwanted shifts, until you work into a more desirable position. This often means working late nights and holidays, which can effect a personal life.

Despite the sacrifices involved it can be an exciting and rewarding career. According to Anderson, “the best part about the broadcasting industry is connecting with who’s on the other end.” He recounted numerous fond memories he’s had working for radio stations.

One night he was working a night shift and wasn’t feeling very well, so he was drinking a 7-up to calm his stomach. He’d just finished reading a commercial when he burped without realizing his mic was still on. Apparently people gave him a hard time the next day for his broadcast. He said, “I didn’t realize people listened to the radio at 3:00 in the morning.” But that’s the thing about radio, there’s always someone listening.

Brian Anderson 1


Photos courtesy of: James Curry and KHWK Facebook page

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