Tutoring and Writer’s Clinic Available to Help Students

Angela Richart

If you need help with a paper or are struggling through a difficult class, there is a Writer’s Clinic and tutoring service on the Northeast campus to assist you. Getting help in a class is as simple as filling out a few papers and you’ll be matched up with a student or professional tutor who has an expertise in that field. This can be a one-on-one set up, or occasionally a small group. Either way, it is very effective and has had many success stories according to Susan Disch, the Director of Academic Support Services. Tutoring times are Monday through Thursday from noon to 5pm.

The Writer’s Clinic is set up for students to bring in a paper and have another set of eyes look over it. They examine your paper and give you suggestions for improvement, while still allowing you to be in control of your own work. This is a great tool that works for a variety of fields from English to Nursing and PTA. Writer’s Clinic times are Monday through Thursday from 8am to 3pm.

Both are located in the College Welcome Center room 1284. If interested in these services contact Susan Disch (402) 844-7127and Hillary Saalfeld, the Tutoring/Title III Specialist (402) 844-7125.

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