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National Cancer Study Underway

Antonio Perez

Antonio Perez

Erin Jacobson, of Crestwood, left, is prepped to have her blood drawn by certified phlebotomist Maria Fortuna during the enrollment for the American Cancer Society cancer prevention study at Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital in LaGrange, Illinois, April 11, 2013.

Nicole Winters, Shift Editor

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SIOUX CITY| As the national cancer study recruits over 300,000 volunteers from across the country, almost 1,000 are from Sioux City, Iowa. The American Cancer Society reported that Iowa’s number one killer is caused by some form of cancer. The highest rated area in the state comes from Woodbury County.

The study will collect samples from volunteers and will be kept frozen for up to five years. The volunteer will be given a brief health survey, take waist measurements, and have blood drawn. Since the lifetime probability of getting cancer is 1 in 2 people. More than half the people in the study will probably get cancer.

The study will be able to compare blood samples from both types of people, those with cancer and those without. This will help determine what is associated in the blood with cancer. This will include looking at the differences at the genetic levels of hormones, inflammation, and oxidated stress. The project will take time bur the payoff will be one step closer to helping fight cancer.

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National Cancer Study Underway