Drowning Pool-Resilience

Drowning Pool-Resilience

Brittany Hinkel, Shift Editor/ Cartoonist

The hard rock band, Drowning Pool, has had a stroke of bad luck after the death of their original lead singer, Dave Williams in 2002. Since then, they had recruited Jason Jones, who left the band in June 2005. After him, former Soil front man Ryan McCombs was recruited and, in 2011, also left.

Now Drowning Pool has released a brand-new album with yet another new lead vocalist, Jasen Moreno. Though it seems that the band is constantly faced with barriers to overcome, they have done just that; and so their new album is appropriately titled “Resilience.” It was released just yesterday, April 9, according to newreleasenow.com.

Just as one would guess, the album has a very upbeat, rebellious sound that implies the band’s unwillingness to give up. It is characterized by the sing-along anthems such as “One Finger and a Fist” and “Saturday Night.”

With Jasen Moreno, Drowning Pool has taken on a new sound, and is bound for endless opportunities. So not only does “Resilience” signify the band’s unbreakable spirit, but also a symbol of new beginnings.

However, not all of the songs are focused on the future. The band also dedicated a very fitting ballad “In Memory Of…”, to their original vocalist, Dave Williams.

I would suggest this album to any rock fan looking for a sound that captures the essence of a fight. Moreno does a great job working with the band and he has a terrific voice (he isn’t so bad on the eyes either).