Hundreds Show Support For Sioux City Casinos


Nicole Winters, Shift Editor

SIOUX CITY| Over 300 people showed up Tuesday afternoon to make one last effort to show support at a public hearing in front of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

This was the last open forum that the IRGC would take into consideration before voting on which casino will get the license. Each casino has a different proposal that makes it unique.

The Warrior Casino would be located downtown and save an old historic building that many want to see reopened instead of abandoned or torn down.

The Hard Rock Casino has many backers from the community and excited that a Hard Rock would put Sioux City on the map for a destination to visit.

It was the Argosy’s employees who outnumbered backers from the other two casinos. They stated on how important it was that they keep their jobs and benefits. If the IRGC votes for a different casino to get the gaming license over 300 people will be out of a job.

For over three hours many people from the community spoke in front of the IRGC and made their last plea about the casino proposals. The IRGC made visits to each of the casino sites before the public hearing.

The decision will be made April 18th on which casino will be awarded the gaming license.