Tech Topic: New Drag + Drop Website is the ‘Bee’s Knees’

Rachel Ellis, Reporter

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Imagine a blog where you can post any video, song, text, or picture, anywhere on your page… or ten pages, with a click of the mouse. No expensive software, restrictions, or lengthy code: just drag and drop.

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too; and then I stumbled upon a website called The NewHive(beta).

TNH allows users to create their own webpages, much like other blogs. What makes TNH unique is that you can customize on pages that you create- called “Expressions”- by simply dragging files onto the blank page. From then, you can do almost anything imaginable: You can place text anywhere on your page, upload files, links, embed videos, create boxes in any color, and even draw on your page directly. In addition to this creative freedom, you can also comment on, “love,” or share any Expression, like many other blogs.

While much of the content of the website is artistic, users can post anything they feel they want to share with the world (or keep to themselves.) There is a wide variety of topics featured on users’ pages; from astrophysics to zoology, you can search for keywords (#tags) that you are interested in, or even search for a specific user and their Expressions.

I started my own account with TNH to see if creating a streamlined webpage was as easy as they claimed it was. It is! I have been looking for a website that makes it easy to share pictures and a slew of other media with my relatives and friends to keep them updated. The NewHive(beta) is exactly what I have been looking for; easy-to-use, attractive and customizable. (Now if only relationships worked that way…)

Interested in becoming a beta user? Just head to NewHive’s website,; if you would like to see the Expression I have started, go to

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