Magician Ran’D Shine


Brittany Hinkel, Shift Editor, Cartoonist

 On Tuesday, February 19th a magician performed for the students of Northeast Community College in the Lifelong Learning Center.

 The Magician goes by the name of Ran’D Shine and he has quite the reputation. He recently performed during the 44th Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C.

 Ran’D Shine performed various tricks for the audience, including card, tissue paper, ball, and even cookie tricks. For several of the tricks he would use members from the audience, whom he had never met, to show the audience that the tricks were not rigged.

 In some instances he even demonstrated to the audience how to perform their own magic tricks. Using an audience member, he would display to the rest of the audience how to perform the trick, and would also ask the volunteer if she had any idea how he did it. Of course, the answer was no.

 Ran’D Shine also threw in some racial and cultural jokes that were tasteful, rather than offensive, and he made his jokes work with all of his tricks.

 At the end, he picked a member of the audience who seemed to be the most skeptical and had them help him perform one last trick. The trick resulted in him somehow having the audience member find a 20-dollar bill (which was his own) inside of a cookie, which was inside an un-opened package.

 Overall, the show was well put together and it was absolute fun. There was never a dull moment throughout the entirety of it, and there is no doubt that whatever one’s belief about magic is, Ran’D Shine is sure to dazzle everyone!