Book Review: This Book Is Full of Spiders

Adam Grosserode, Reporter

David Wong’s book “This Book is Full of Spiders”, is a sequel to the book “John Dies at the End”.

“This Book is Full of Spiders” is another comic horror novel that follows the antics of the two protagonists, David and his best friend John.

The novel illustrates a world of apocalyptic chaos in a midwestern town. David Wong and his friend John play the antiheroic slackers who are witness the horrific monsters that find their way into the town. These monsters are referred to as spiders.

Having read the previous novel, I thought the book did a tremendous job blending a horror scene and physcological situations into a book that was incredibly detailed, very witty and funny at the same time. The plot seemed to take some unexpected turns at the end of the book.

Whether about the grisly description of spiders infecting the townspeople or the off-the-cuff humor that David says in a serious situation, the author perfectly portrays the situation so the reader can interpret it in his or her own way.

All in all, this novel by David Wong is a must buy. It has something for everyone. The book is contains action, horror, comedy and suspense fill the book with gritty details that will have you chuckling, then feeling the spine-tingling sensation of a slasher movie.

This book is written by Jason Pargin, a senior writer for, who used an alias named David Wong. It should be noted that this is not a book intended for young readers because of the countless curse words and other obscenities.




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