Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph


Nikita Rector, Editor in Chief

Wreck-It Ralph is a hilarious movie that brings retro 80’s style games and adventure to an all-new level. With an amazing set of video game characters and a new look at the world of video games, the movie was a hit!

The movie revolves around “Wreck-It Ralph” from the game “Fix-It Felix Jr.” Ralph is a bad guy who wants to become good and ends up going “Turbo.”

What follows is a wacky adventure to win a metal, that turns into something more. Ralph runs into many obstacles and goofy characters such as Sergeant Calhoun, Vanellope Von Schweetz, King Candy and a multitude of Cy-Bugs.

The saying “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind as Ralph continues on and discovers the truth about the game world and about himself.

The movie contains an extraordinary voice cast that makes the characters come alive. Wreck-It Ralph is played by John C. Riley (Talladega Nights, Stepbrothers, Chicago).

Other cast includes: Jane Lynch (Glee, Two and a Half Men, The 40 Year Old Virgin) as Sergeant Calhoun, Sarah Silverman (The Sarah Silverman Program, School of Rock, There’s Something About Mary) as Vanellope Von Schweetz and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock, Despicable Me, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) as Fix-It Felix Jr. Each brought their personalities into the characters, in what seems like a perfect match.

The animation is clearly Pixar, with round characters and faces. Stylistically though, the characterization fits the era of the game; the older game characters are more pixilated and basic, while the new HD game characters have vivid features.

King Candy seems like a spin off of the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland’s “Mad Hatter.” Their look, voice, personality and mannerisms are very similar.

According to, Wreck-It Ralph “scored the highest-grossing opening weekend in Disney animation history with $49.1 million.”

The movie is a fun, creative and entertaining movie that is great for both adults and children alike. I highly suggest seeing it.

Many laughs came from the audience and I walked away feeling like a kid again, with a little bit of creativity and light-heartedness.