A Blast from the Past

Daira Gentrup, Graphic Artist

Recently, the Viewpoint staff was sorting through some old issues in preparation for our transition to being an all-digital paper. One paper that caught our attention was Vol. 25 No. 3, published on Nov. 23, 1993. It was fun to look back and see how much things have changed and how some have remained the same.

At that time the paper had twelve pages, and twelve members on the staff; technology wasn’t the greatest and everything was still in black and white. It only cost $2.50 to see a movie and the coming attractions at Cinema 3 were Mrs. Doubtfire, Pelican Brief, and Wayne’s World 2.

Students were applying for FAFSA, being told the effects of alcohol, and complaining about parking. The men’s basketball team was just starting their season while the volleyball team was finishing up.

While taking a look back and seeing the ridiculous fashion from the 90’s was fun, the best part was a small story we found that was too great not to share. It was entitled ‘Self-Service Miracle: Just Add Water’ and was written by Janette Jenkinson.

An unexplained water spot in the shape of E.T. has appeared on the first floor of the dorms. The spot has attracted quite a lot of attention. Plain-clothed security guards have been on hand to control the swarming crowds.

 The spot has been compared to the weeping Madonna. Students have constructed an altar and are being “blessed” by its supernatural power. A sign above the altar reads: “Church of the weeping tours of Jesus, Holy Miracle, sacred water spot. Please pray with a gracious heart. Please dab water on head for your self-service miracle.”

 For example, an athlete with an injured ankle was “blessed” and ran out of the building.

 Students are welcome to come by and be “blessed” by its power. The may also leave a donation in the donation plate.

 The public is in awe of this supernatural sign. It makes one think; if this can happen on campus, then the supernatural forces that shape our universe may be

It is unknown if there was a technical error that caused the last sentence to be cut-off, or if the supernatural forces were to blame.

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