Movie Review: Dredd


Judge Dredd (Karl Urban, left) and Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) star in “Dredd 3D.”

Quinn Kelly, Shift Editor

Any of my fellow men that have a girlfriend have most likely seen the “dreaded” Twilight films. While you may never be able to get back those two hours of your life, you can get payback on your significant other by taking them to go see the new action movie “Dredd 3D”

“Dredd 3D” pictures a fictional, futuristic universe in which the United States has become and irradiated wasteland called the Cursed Earth. It is set on the East Coast, in Mega-City One, a huge, violent metropolis with over 800 million residents. With an excess of ten thousand crimes being committed daily, the only system of order is enforced by the Judges. They are highly trained and intimidating characters who act as judges, juries and executioners.

The main character of the movie is Judge Dredd, played by Karl Urban. Dredd fights to keep the peace, and to bring down those who disobey the law. His nemesis is Ma Ma, a gang leader and murderer.

“Dredd 3D” is a violent and gory action movie. It has a good plot, even though it seems like just the beginning of a trilogy to come.

If you enjoy action films, or movies with blood and fighting, go see Dredd! Maybe even bring your girlfriend along for some good old-fashioned vengeance.