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Club Aims for Political Awareness

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Quinn Kelly, Shift Editor

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“The Young Democrats” are a new group on campus this year, having started just about 3 weeks ago.

Their staff advisor is Bonnie Johnson-Bartee. She wants students to realize they can be a part of politics. For students, “To develop their voice, that they have, in many cases, never used. At 18 you can vote. That’s huge! That’s wonderful! It’s exiting to watch young people get involved.”

They currently have 11 members, but are looking for more. If you would like to know what’s going on in the political world, or just learn more about the group, their next meeting is Wednesday, October 3rd at 1pm in the cafeteria.

Johnson-Bartee would like to have “The Young Democrats” to be part of “The Lion’s Club” parade this weekend. They are also going to be working in part with “The Young Democrats” group of Wayne State College.

Johnson-Bartee would also like “The Young Democrat’s” sister group “The Young Republicans” to be added to campus. Not as a confliction, but to work together.

This new group is aimed at educating people about politics and their roll in politics. Be involved.

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Club Aims for Political Awareness