Fall TV Lineup: New Shows Première


Nino Munoz/CBS/MCT

Jonny Lee Miller (left) stars as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu stars as Watson on the new television series "Elementary," premiering Thursdays, 10pm ET/PT this Fall on the CBS Television Network. (Nino Munoz/Courtesy CBS/MCT)

Daira Gentrup

Along with the start of school and football season, this time of year is known for the fall première of many new shows that will hit our screens for the coming months.

The new shows range from hilarious medical comedies to famous remakes, and almost everything in between.  Here are just a few of the shows worth tuning in for this fall.

“Animal Practice,” premiering on Wednesday, September 26th at 7 on NBC, is a new sitcom created by Alessandro Tanaka and Brian Gatewood. The show centers around a New York City veterinary practice full of the A-list patients and more drama than you thought possible. Dr. George Coleman (James Kirk, “Weeds,” “Angels in America”) is the top veterinarian leading the show with his monkey of an assistant and closest friend Dr. Rizzo (Crystal, “The Hangover II,” NBC’s “Community”). Tune in on Wednesdays to see all the monkey business.

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Sherlock Holmes, but coming this fall, CBS is putting a twist on things. “Elementary” is a new crime drama that modernizes the old story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes, who is a consultant from Scotland Yard as well as a recovering addict. Lucy Liu plays Dr. Joan Watson, his sober companion in New York. Watch the pair solvesome of New York’s toughest cases starting Thursday, September 25th at 9 on CBS.

Who doesn’t like firefighters? Starting on Wednesday, October 10th at 9, you can get a look behind of some of our greatest heroes. Focusing on Chicago’s Firehouse 51, “Chicago Fire” will show the personal lives of these brave men. Tune in to NBC on Wednesdays to catch all the action.

You may remember her from the office, but Mindy Kaling is going to be on a new show now: her own.  “The Mindy Project” will follow OB/GYN, Mindy Lahiri (Kaling), who is seems to have everything in order but her love life. As a hopeless romantic, Lahiri tries to become the girl in over romantic comedy and snatch the perfect guy, which isn’t an easy task with a staff full of doctors only making her life more hectic. “The Mindy Project” will première on Tuesday, September 25th at 8:30 on FOX.

As if we haven’t had enough archery and superhero movies to last us through the winter, CW is giving us another one. “Arrow” is based off of the DC Comic’s series Green Arrow. The show features Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen who adopts the role of Arrow to make up for the crimes of his wealthy family and restore justice in Starling City. Make sure to catch “Arrow” on Wednesday’s at 7 starting on October 10th on CW.

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