Meet the New History Teacher

Meet the New History Teacher

Brittany Hinkel, Editor/Reporter/Cartoonist

History: a subject that some students may find uninteresting. That is, unless the subject is taught by someone quite the opposite.

Kathleen, or Kate, Trindle is a new history teacher here at Northeast Community College. She teaches both world history and American history.

Trindle has always loved all of the social sciences and describes herself as a “history and geography geek.”

However, she didn’t always like history. Going through high school she thought it was kind of boring. She believes that a lot of what makes a subject interesting is in the presentation.

Therefore, Trindle’s goal as a teacher is to make students like history and not have them view it as something that is “boring and old.”

Kathleen Trindle was a student here at Northeast and received her associate’s degree in the 1980’s. She also worked at Northeast in the early 90’s after receiving her bachelor’s degree. Afterward she taught at Madison High School for 10 years, then at Wisner Pilger High School.

Now that Trindle has come back to work at Northeast Community College once more, she is comforted by familiar surroundings.

“I feel like I’m coming home.”

She loves teaching here. She knows many of the other teachers, and has noticed that the students genuinely want to be in class and learn.

“I’ve wanted to teach here for a long time. I love the classroom and getting students excited about the stories of people that came before us.”

Outside of teaching, Trindle loves playing tennis, gardening, kayaking, bike-riding, and traveling. She has been to Europe 9 times with students for educational tours, and she has also been to Korea to study abroad.

So if you are looking to take a history class here at Northeast, don’t expect it to be boring. Expect it to be anything but.