President Barack Obama greets residents at Morningside Colleges Hilker Campus Mall Saturday.

Waylon Goodwin, Editor/Reporter

President Barack Obama made an appearance on the Morningside College Campus in Sioux City, Iowa, Saturday Sept. 1, 2012

Some of the key issues President Obama touched on were the importance of the middle-class, and the importance of voting in the upcoming election in November.

When the Democratic dominant crowd began to boo remarks Republicans made about Obama Care. Obama said, “No, don’t boo…Vote!”

President Obama also noting that 7,000 jobs depend on wind energy and bio-fuel. He also went on to say, that by the end of this month, his administration would have brought home over 33,000 troops. Obama said, “I promised we were going to end this war and we did.”

Long time Sioux City resident Sharon Lange said, “His stimulus package saved me and my family 15-20 % on our mortgage.” Said long time Sioux City resident, Sharon Lange.

Obama supporters weren’t the only ones attending the rally at The Hilker Campus Mall; a few Mitt Romney supporters were there as well.

As the President’s motorcade drove down Morningside Avenue a local man shouted,” where were you when we needed you!” referring to the floods of 2012 that shut down several local businesses and destroyed many people’s homes.

Other protesters took the more comedic route, as a sign posted on the Hepar Bio Science Building near the Sioux Gateway Airport suggested. It read: “Welcome to SUX…and we did build this.”

Sioux City resident Keith Jackson stated,” The president is a good person for all people, he hasn’t done everything he said he would do yet, but he has done a lot for America. We should give him another chance because I believe he is going to do a lot more.”


No matter who you’re voting for you must vote in November in order to make a difference. “This is the most important election of your lifetime,” the president added before ending his speech on Saturday.