Talent Snapshot – Joe Bob Geis

Maria Olnes, Graphic Designer, Reporter

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From villain to hero, from Jack-Jack to his lucky underwear, Joe Bob Geis of Maskell, Neb. a theatre major of Northeast Community College proved that students at Northeast have hidden talents.  Geis, 19, has been involved in theatre for many years now, dating back to his first role his freshman year of high school.

Geis has been involved in all aspects of theatre including acting, crew and even directing. In high school, he started in plays such as Harvey, On the Razzle, Is He Dead, The Cherry Orchard and Scapino.  After coming to Northeast, his theatre career continued to soar in his roles in Plaza Suite as Jesse Kiplinger, The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Christmas Carol as Gordon Pugh, and his current role as Vladimir in Waiting for Godot.

Off stage, Geis has directed three plays, two through his own play company back home.  His most recent directed piece was Rustler’s Revenge presented by the Northeast Players, the on campus drama club. He has also helped with set building and construction for other plays.

When asked if he preferred acting or directing, Geis said, “That, I really can’t answer that. They both have their pros and cons. I would say the hardest would be definitely be acting. With acting you get the most credit because you’re the one that everyone sees. But with directing you get the most creative sort of liberties.”

To learn more about his family, previous roles, how he saved a life and how he got his lucky underwear, catch the whole interview online at NEviewpoint.com under Campus.

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