Rock and Roll Baby! Maybe.

Waylon Goodwin, Reporter

What do you get when you blend the hardcore melodies of a nineties rock and roll band with the softer melodies of an orchestra? Yep, you guessed it right; you get “Rockestra!”

Sioux City, IA is the home of one of Americans first fusion bands ever heard of.  According to Rockestra director and founder John Luebke, “rockestra is the combination of an orchestra and a rock band coming together at the same time.”

Started in 2004 by Luebke, the concerts have experienced a steady warmth and enjoyment from Siouxlanders and attendance numbers are constantly on the rise almost selling out every event.

Out of the 2,400 seats in the Sioux City Orpheum Building in downtown Sioux City, rockestra plays in front of 2,380 people almost every night.

The 40 member band uses a plethora of instruments and vocalist including a strings section, a woodwinds section, bass guitars, and of course, a rock and rhythm section.

“I want 90% of the audience to know 90% of the songs, and I want them to feel really good about the music that they listen to, “said Luebke, and the critics agree.

Along with the support of siouxland and other fans from all over the world, Rockestra will receive the 2012 Spirit Award, and along with other well-known acts such as The Chevelles, The Embers, Mike Langley, and Shane Von Holdt, being inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Labor Day Weekend.

The success of Rockestra has been such an outstanding group, assistant director Stephanie Irish has started a Rockestra Jr. to accommodate younger instrument players interested in joining.

Each fall and winter season, the rockestra ensemble performs four concerts for rock and roll and orchestra fans to enjoy.

The first of these concerts is called “Wild Thing” which unfortunately already played on April 20th 2012.  But if you missed the first concert, the second one will be on Nov. 20th 2012 at the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City, IA called “Where in The World is Rockestra”. Maybe a hint to an upcoming tour for the fans.  The third concert titled “The Christmas Show III” will be performed on Dec. 1st 2012.  Last but definitely not least, the final of the four concerts titled “We Are Family”, will be performed on Feb. 2nd 2013, and this will also be  at the Orpheum Building in downtown Sioux City if, the world is still here.

Tickets for adults can be purchased at the Tyson Events Center Ticketmaster, and students will receive a discounted price on a show to show basis, but adults and students can purchase season tickets too, with students being able to enjoy a 15% discount for those as well.

Ticket prices are labeled as levels 1, 2, and 3, with Woodstock Circle tickets as well with the prices ranging anywhere from from $60 to $112. The deadlines to renew season tickets is August 1st 2012, so hurry in and get yours today!