Graduation: Plans and the Future

Graduation:  Plans and the Future

It’s time for graduation!

Britt Young, News Editor

Graduation is fast upon the Northeast Campus and ready or not here comes the graduates of Spring 2012!

The Northeast Community College school year has gone so fast.  Fall has come and gone, and spring break has already been cleaned up and forgotten.  All that is left to finish this college year is to send off the graduates to future endeavors.

Many graduating students are running around campus trying to get their cap, gown and tickets for graduation.

Booths were set up recently to help graduates to prepare and make sure that everything is handled for the big day.  These booths had caps, gowns, tickets, and important information regarding the day of graduation.

With all of the big areas covered concerning the day of graduation, all that needs to be done is finishing the classes themselves.

Dead week is fast approaching and for many this means being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  For others this means that there are still a lot of papers and finals to finish before they are able to walk onto a stage to get their diploma.

McKenzie Liska will be one graduate not attending the ceremony.  Liska lives in Verdigre, and has recently had child.  She plans to go to University Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in the fall where she will continue her major in Communications with a minor in Business.

UNL will be quite a change from the small campus in Norfolk, NE.  Everything that Liska has learned has been built up to the day that she starts at UNL.

Liska is excited to graduate but commented, “The unknown is always somewhat nerve racking and I’m used to NECC and the small class sizes.”

While some students like Liska have plans to graduate and to continue their education at a four year college, others will start their job hunt to start the career of their dreams.

Jessica Schueth, who is a Graphic Design major and also works on the viewpoint is one of those who is graduating that is on the hunt for the perfect job.

“I’m thrilled to be finally done with college, but I am going to miss being on the paper staff a great deal. But to have a less stressful life without having  an assignment due and nagging teachers is what I look forward to most!”  Explained Schueth.

Schueth started out graduating from Beauty school and soon decided to go Northeast to get her Associates in Graphic Design.  Schueth is planning to find a job for the time being to be able to pay bills and make some money.

Schueth has sent out numerous resumes and has gotten callbacks for interviews. She is hoping to find something that fits into everything that she has learned in college.

Many students are planning to go to graduation and then celebrate with friends and family.

Liska and Schueth plan to have parties after graduation to celebrate the accomplishment that they both made.  Liska’s plan is to have a small party a few weeks after graduation.  Schlueth is planning a party the night of graduation.

Northeast Community College will celebrate graduation on May 12th at 10:30am in the Cox Activities Center in Norfolk, NE.

Stress will lead up to the day of graduation, but as the students walk down the aisle to get their diplomas, there will be a sigh of relief that they finally made it.