Early Childhood Club Host Arbor Day Events at NECC

Early Childhood Club Host Arbor Day Events at NECC

Students from Norfolk Public going through the tree stump obstacle course.

Britt Young, News Editor

Tuesday afternoon at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE was a great day to plant trees with Kindergarteners, and that is exactly what the Early Childhood Club did.

The Early Childhood Club and teachers at Northeast worked together to bring Kindergarteners from Norfolk Public Schools to campus to learn about Arbor Day.

The event started at 1:00pm and ended at 1:45pm and was located behind the Shipping and Receiving at Northeast.  It was a perfect day for the students to be outside of the classroom learning.

Not only did they plant trees, they also were able to learn about Arbor Day through fun games and hands on activities.

All the students were dressed in colorful shirts to show the different classes that attended the events.  The shirts all said “trees rule”, to show the importance of Arbor Day.

Stations were set up for the students to go around and have time at each activity. Kindergarteners were seen jumping stump to stump in the obstacle course.

Bree Strope, a sophomore at Northeast, was one of the club members that helped with this event.  “Kids are having fun on the obstacle course.  [We] have to remind them to slow down,“ commented Strope.

The club members were hands on and helped anywhere they were needed during the event.  The Kindergarteners were laughing and talking with the Northeast students while they went to activities.

The Kindergarteners were able to plant a tree and learn the importance of preserving trees in the community. It was a perfect day for the students to be outside to learn about the Earth.

Nancy Meier, a Kindergarten paraprofessional and mother said, “[It was a] perfect opportunity to be outside and to be educated.”

Meier said that the club was doing a great job with helping the Kindergarteners and watching out for their safety.

Arbor Day will be celebrated April 27th all over the U.S, but for the Northeast Campus April 24th was filled with fun and planting trees.

It was a fun filled afternoon with lots of learning for the Kindergarteners and the Northeast students that were apart of the Early Childhood Club.