The Red Hot Summer of Movies

Britt Young, News Editor

As May is fast upon us, this red hot season in 2012 will be known as the summer of movies.  Many have been waiting for the films to come out in theaters, and now the wait is nearly over.

On May 4th, hoards of people will be waiting to get into the midnight showing of the latest installment from the Marvel family.  Avengers will be the first huge movie hitting theaters that many have waited to see.

The Avengers movie will be the first time that all of the Marvel character will be in the same movie together.  Every movie in the Marvel series has been leading up to this moment, and the time is almost here.

“I think you sunk my battleship.”  A game popular game is turned into a movie, Battleship explodes into theaters May 18.  Battleship featuring Rihanna as Petty Officer Raikes, is based on Hasbro’s combat game where players had to guess sections on the board to sink their opponents battleships.

The movie has a catch, the opponents in this real day battleship game are aliens trying to build a power source in Earth’s ocean.  So who will the game of Battleship?

Another movie that has many excited is Men in Black III, where Will Smith’s character J, goes back in time to find the young K (Josh Brolin) to get his help to fight an evil before it destroys the future.  This is a new twist to the alien series that started in 1997.

All the same characters that everyone knows will be in it, but there will also be some new faces added to the movie.  Zap into theaters to see the newest alien action movie that comes out into movie theaters May 25th.

The summer would not be complete without a best selling book turned into a movie.  Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter arrives in theaters June 22nd.

Featuring Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln, vampires really do exist and are the real ones behind the Civil War.  Lincoln figures out that vampires are trying to take over the world and he makes it his mission to destroy all of them.

Seth Grahame-Smith took his readers through action and horror as the truth was figured out.  Now audiences can see his work coming to life in theaters everywhere very soon.

The Amazing Spiderman will sling into theater July 7th.  This spider man is supposed to be very similar to the Spiderman from the comic books.

Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield was a normal high school student who becomes Spiderman.  At a young age he was abandoned by his parents and then raised by his aunt and uncle.  Parker finds a briefcase that belonged to his father and all the information inside leads to Oscorp where he meets a new evil.

This movie has an all new cast that was directed by Marc Webb and distributed by Sony Pictures.  The series is not affiliated with the other Spiderman series and is not starting where the other movies left off.

This Spiderman is a completely new movie with different story plots that leads Parker down a treacherous path that will make him a hero.

On July 20th, Christian Bale will play Batman for the final time in the last movie of the Batman series:  The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan.  The first movie came out in 2005 (Batman Begins), where Bruce Wayne began to shape into Batman.

Now eight years have past and Batman must face everything that he has done and fight Bane and Catwoman along the way.  There has been no mention if Batman lives or dies at the end of the movie.  Everyone will just have to go see for themselves.

This is only a few movies that are coming out starting May, summer will be filled with ticket stubs of must see movies and will soon turn into movie that everyone must buy when out in stores.  Take a date, go with friend or venture alone, no one will be bored this summer.