Blood Blues: Fallen Angels turned Vampires

Britt Young, News Editor

The vampire craze has a new twist leading to the idea that vampires are trapped on the earth because they are lost angels.  These lost souls have been trapped on earth for centuries, trying to find a way back into heaven.

In the book series Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz goes on the premise that vampires are trapped on the earth living on forever because they were banished from heaven by God.  This banishment was because of the war with Satan that caused all angels to choose sides.

Every fallen angel had a soul mate that they spent each life with.  They continued to live on though droplets when they were close to death that were then put into another vampire with in the same family line.  That vampire would then give birth to the reincarnated vampire.

Life went on this like for centuries with the vampire families, until one vampire rebelled and fell in love with her familiar (someone they feed off of), a human.  This breaks the families apart and starts a new order in the vampire clan.

Skyler VanAllen is an average girl until her fifteenth birthday and she finds out that she is apart of something very secret and old.  Her back teeth become very sharp, and starts to have crazy dreams that seem to be from another life.

Skyler is a vampire that is very special.  She soon thinks that this may be the reason that her mother has been in a coma for Skyler’s whole life and why her grandfather has been missing since before Skyler was born.

As she starts to embrace her new life and friends, she gets to know a mysterious young man named Jack Force.  There is something about him that amazes her and a secret that she can not pinpoint.

Jack’s sister, Mimi starts to make big problems for Skyler and her best friend Oliver because of jealousy and hate.  Mimi is very comfortable with the vampire life, and is destined to bond with her twin brother Jack.  Bonding is a sort of wedding for vampires because they are soul mates.

Through Skyler’s new life she befriends a Texan vampire, Bliss who is new to the society of vampires.  Bliss soon finds trouble of her own when she falls in love with a trouble maker that is looked down upon by the vampires.

The whole vampire life is strange to Skyler and she does not feel like she belongs completely.  She also feels like there is something off about the Force clan.  Skyler decides to do some investigating on her mother and the origin of her own birth.

As Skyler starts to dig for the truth, she starts to also have feelings Jack even though he is taken.  As she gets closer to the truth, she finds out that there are secrets that deal with Jack and his powerful father.

Skyler finds danger, and while Skyler is trying to find the truth, the whole vampire clan comes under attack by an ancient enemy trying to take out the lost angels.

This ancient enemy is closer to Bliss and Skyler than they know, and no one is safe unless it is stopped before it can kill again.  The power only grows as it takes out more vampires, and banish them to nothingness for eternity.

If a vampire is killed by this ancient force, they will be doomed to not exist or have a chance to redeem their rightful spot in heaven.

Can Skyler and her friends stop this evil before it takes out everything they know and love?  Find out by reading this action packed series by Melissa de la Cruz.