Nick Wieman: the Man Behind the Music

Brittney Means, Opinion Editor

What do you get when you mix the playing styles of Slash, Eddie Van Halen and Jerry Cantrell?  Well, you get something called a Nick; Nick Wieman to be exact.

Nick has a knack for playing the guitar and has been playing for seven years.  It all started when he was in high school, he had always wanted to play and when he finally started, he went “guitar crazy”, in his words.  That may explain the fifteen guitars he owns.

Nick also uses his talent to play in a couple bands.  The Back Forty is a country band and Suppress the Affliction plays rock.  Although he enjoys playing in the bands, Nick is bummed out by the local music scene’s disappearance.  He says that in the last seven years it has withered away and there aren’t as many bands around to get together and play.

The disappearance of the music scene around here isn’t holding him back though.  Nick has a passion for playing the guitar and is a natural at it.  As he said, “Natural is never taught. Someone can pick up a guitar and take lessons and be good, but to be great, that comes naturally.”

If you haven’t seen Nick playing in his bands, you may have heard his voice.  He is an on-air personality for 94 Rock.  Some other facts about Nick: He used to race go-carts, he loves frolfing (Frisbee golfing), he’s a certified arc welder and if a storm was coming, he is certified to chase that too.

Just like any guitar player, Nick’s dream is of course to be a rock star.  Better get his autograph now because someday it could be worth something.

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