Hunger Games Review

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Before actually reading the book and watching, I thought that everyone was over exaggerating this whole “Hunger Games” thing the same way they did with “The Twilight Saga” but it turns out that I was wrong. But one of the things that I was right in was right was that Hollywood would ruin the movie.  Although there are not that many differences between the book and the movie, the few differences were quite significant.

If you have not either read the books or watched the movies, I’ll sum it up for you without ruining the whole story. The basic plot of series is that it is set in a post in a post-apocalyptic world where the government makes poor people fight to the death for food. One of the main characters is Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year old girl that takes Prim’s, her sister, place in the Hunger Games. Thanks to this action, people in the 12th district see Katniss as a face of rebellion. It  all comes to a tipping point when 12 year old Rue dies.

One of the biggest difference  that I noticed, but at the same time is understandable , is that the movie is way less graphic and gory than the book is. Most of the deaths and graphic parts either have a “Cloverfield” type of camera use where it is all blurry and fuzzy, or it was off screen. I kind of was disappointed with this because if they actually showed all of the scenes the way they were written in the book, it would make the whole movie experience a whole lot better. But at the same time it is understandable because if they were to make the scenes like they were written, the movie would probably be rated R instead of the current PG-13.

The other scene I didn’t really notice until I went back and did some research about the differences between the movie and the book was the “revolution” scene. In the book they only show Katniss’s point of view after Rue’s death, while in the movie they show all of district 12’s anger. I guess this would be understable because in the later books they explore this deeper.

Overall this movie makes justice to the movie, unlike other movies Hollywood has ruined.

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