Happenings in April

Britt Young, News Editor

News Flash!  Three girls on the viewpoint staff are expecting children in the near future, the happenings this month will be dedicated to them.  APRIL FOOLS!

April is national humor awareness month, and no wonder, it is the time for pranks and practical jokes.  It is also a time to be aware of who is kept in close quarters and what they might be hiding.

Houses were tee-peed, and shaving cream was sprayed on door handles on April 1st.  Lots of saran wrap and other items were brought from stores to prank friends, just so two words could be uttered:  “April Fools!”

It is very fitting that April is National Humor Awareness Month.  On larrywilde.com, Larry Wilde is the founder of this celebration.  Wilde wanted to make everyone aware of the joy and therapeutic value that laughter has to one’s life.

Wilde goes on to say in his article that being an adult can be very stressful and laughing can put people into better spirits.  Laughing can help people get through the month to month stress of paying bills and work responsibilities.

Whether it is a funny movie, or a comedian that gets your fancy, go out and get some laughs to make the day better.  Everyone knows how it feels when things aren’t going to right way, and then out of the blue someone comes and makes a joke.  It brightens the horrible day, so share the laughter.

April is also about a more serious awareness that can change someone’s life with one sexual encounter.  STD Awareness Month was created to help prevent unprotected sex that could lead to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

STD’s are diseases that are transmitted from one partner to another from sexual contact.  One of the most famous STD’s is AIDS.  Many people in the nineties contracted this disease from having unprotected sex.

AIDS in not the only disease that can be transmitted sexually, there is a huge variety of STDs that can be contracted from partner to partner.  By searching STDs on the world wide web, everyone can find the list of diseases that be acquired from not be careful with being sexually active.

On cdcnpin.org, which is the resource site for STD awareness, says that people that are sexually active should get tested once a year for any STDs especially if there was unprotected sex involved.

Cdcnpin.org is a very informative site that has a lot of information about STDs and symptoms that come around from the diseases.  This website also has a test site tracker that finds a site that tests for STDs.

The main that needs to be remembered is to be safe and stay protected.  Many people do not know that they are even carrying a STD, they won’t even know that they are infecting someone with it.  The best precaution is to use protection or stay abstinent.

There is nothing wrong with waiting until a couple knows each other better to have sex.  Cdcnpin.org also stated that STDs are not always transmitted from the act of intercourse.  STDs can also be contacted from any sexual association.

Remember to be careful when thinking about having any kind of sexual contact with your partner or anyone.  One mistake can change someone’s life forever, just from not taking precautions first.

April is the time to have a little bit of fun with friends, but also to be aware that there are dangers from not protecting yourself and knowing what is out there when being sexually active.

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