Hells Kitchen

The Hells Kitchen sign from the street.

Jessica Schueth

The Hells Kitchen sign from the street.

Jessica Schueth, Graphic Editor/ Lifestyles Editor

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While in Minneapolis, Minnesota last month, the staff enjoyed a great lunch at Hell’s Kitchen. In the heart of downtown Minneapolis in an underground space that works perfect for this unique restaurant.

Hells Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink seven days a week. The restaurant/ bar offers free live music most evenings and during weekend brunch, along with late night “rock-the-house” shows Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays till 2am.

The setup of the restaurant is very creative and dark, dark red walls with dark wall art and paintings. If you’re an artsy person, it’ll be an awesome experience and if not, the atmosphere will still be impressive. The bar in the main room is in the middle of room has a ton of character as well; with mirrors and pendant lighting that goes around the whole bar.

There is also two different rooms that you can dine in; the main area with the big bar, and then another room that is slip into two areas with another smaller bar.

The viewpoint staff ate there on a Saturday for lunch, which fell on a day that the staff wore pajamas to work. The waitress was wearing footy pajamas and pigtails in her hair; most people would enjoy work if their wearing pajamas!

The restaurant is owned by two men, Steve Meyer and Mitch Omer, who also happen to be the chiefs that create your meal in their hot as “HELL” kitchen. Almost everything at Hell’s Kitchen is homemade, including ketchup, mustard, tomato juice, iced tea, hot cocoa, and of course our raved-about peanut butter which we now send throughout the world.

Even their bar gets in on the “made-from-scratch” action, offering beautiful Bloody Mary’s, locally crafted beers, and awesome cocktails created with house-infused liquors.

Have a fun trip to hell and back, and plan the next vacation to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The short 6.5 hour drive is well worth the experience you will receive from your visit.

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