Contest: The Most Beautiful Teenager in the World

Brittney Means, Opinion Editor

There is a page on facebook encouraging teens all over the world to put up pictures of themselves to see how many “likes” they get.

The page has over 107,000 likes and almost 80,000 facebookers are talking about it.

Teens, mostly girls, are putting up pictures of themselves and seeing how many “likes” they can get and

This contest is very dumb.  It is showing girls that beauty is what matters most.  When the truth is, real beauty is on the inside.

When a girl puts a picture of herself on the page and receives negative comments, this will affect her self-esteem negatively.

For example, one of the pictures on the facebook page is of a young girl.  The picture is of her upper body and face.  She has blurred out her cleavage but left her face alone.  Some of the comments on her picture are very disrespectful.  One comment stated, “Her eyes are off center, the one is smaller then the other, it makes her look chinky, her nose is to big for her face. I could keep going but I’ll stop now. It’s not cute.” Teens are very influenced by what their peers say, so hearing another teen say you aren’t cute, hurts. 

Not only does one get disrespectful comments, there are comments that are gross and probably left there by creeper people.  Another comment on there was “no boobs, no like.” 

This contest is so disturbing and disrespectful in so many ways.  It isn’t good for teens to put up pictures and it isn’t good for them to see the comments on there. 

People need to learn respect one another.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  True beauty is on the inside, so quit judging.