Why Adopting an Older Dog or Cat may be better than a Kitten or Puppy

Caitlin Wilson

Puppies are cute. There really is no doubt about that, but anyone who has raised a puppy knows they are similar to raising a small child. It takes a lot of time and effort to get puppies well trained and obedient. So if you’re searching for man’s best friend and don’t have the time to devote to train a puppy, consider adopting an older dog.

With a puppy you have to start at ground zero, but an older dog will hopefully be completely housebroken and may have some previous training. A young puppy is growing so needs to eat quite often. They also don’t have bladder control so need to be taken outside constantly. An older dog may not have to be fed or taken outside as often as a puppy would. They can also be left alone for longer periods of time. I know from experience puppies can be a handful. Also, the older the dog, the more independent that dog will be.

An older dog often makes great companions to older people because they don’t have the stamina to keep up with a very energetic puppy.

Usually with an older dog you will know how big they are going to get, what their physical appearance will be like, their health, and temperament. With a tiny puppy, you won’t know exactly how big it will get. If you adopted a puppy today you don’t know if that puppy will be 40 or 90 pounds a year from now. Also, you won’t know if it will shed constantly or have a pre-disposition to some sort of disease. An older dog has already gone through the puppy and adolescent years so hopefully it will be self-disciplined.

You know how they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well they are wrong. It is possible. Older dogs have a longer attention span. They will give their owners more recognition than a puppy would.

Older dogs have some awesome qualities that puppies won’t have yet so it’s sad that they are often overlooked.

If you’re not a dog person but want a companion try adopting an older cat.

Kittens need much more attention and supervision than an older cat. If you work outside the home or are frequently away, having an adult cat is easier because they are more adaptable to new homes.

Kittens can’t fend for themselves as easily as an older cat could. A neighbor’s dog can be hazardous to a small kitten. An older cat will make sure to set boundaries and show the dog whose ultimately boss. This can also be true if you already have a cat at home. A kitten can be too playful and energetic for an older cat, however another older cat could be able to set a pecking order with the other cat.

Adopting a kitten with young children around can be chaotic. Young kids can be extremely rough with a kitten. Older cats seem to be able to tolerate more from children but can leave when they’ve had enough.

Before rushing out and adopting a kitten or puppy, take a moment to consider the different possibilities of an older dog or cat. You may be surprised of what or who you will find.