Mass Effect 3 Massive Fail

The final installment of the Mass Effect franchise was released earlier this month. On March 6th, 2012, fans of the series were able to play the last installment in the series. The game starts off with Shepard speaking in front of the Alliance Defense Committee. Shepard starts to warn them about a possible attack by Reapers, when all of a sudden, Reapers start attacking. Shepard then goes to the Mars Archives where he finds the blue prints to a Prothean device called “The Crucible” a device capable of destroying all of the Reapers. There he faced with Cerberus resistance, who are trying to take the same blue prints. The plot continues with Shepard trying to find a missing part of the Crucible called the Catalyst. The rest of the game includes several missions, with each one ending in you obtaining new fleets, that is depending on the choices you make. Even though many people say that the choices you make do not affect the final outcome of the game, if you make the wrong choice, you can lose vital fleets. One of the biggest choices I have found is you can either choose the Quarian fleet or the Geth fleet. This choice is very vital because if you make the wrong choice you lose the quarian fleet, which is one of the biggest fleets in the game.

The game play and graphics are a great improvement from the previous installment. Even though the main controls are the same the new features are more related to maps. One of the biggest features that has changed from the second installment to this one is the Normandy SR-2. The new Normandy has a whole new a War room where you chose where you can go to. Just like both previous installments, there are a lot of theatrics that that play a big role of the story.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this game is that most of the players do not like the way the ending turned out. There are two possible choices of destroying all of the reapers and synthetics of controlling them. Most people have not liked the endings but overall it is a very exciting way to end the series.

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