Sex in the Media: It’s Reality Not “Jersey Shore”

Nikita Rector, Ad Editor, Reporter, AEIC

“Angelina got it in with Vinny cuz she’s a loosey-goose & then she had sex with Jose the next day… WHORE…just sayin’,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” said.

“Jersey Shore” is a major example of the obvious sexual content found in all forms of media and entertainment today.

Music, movies, TV shows, books, advertizing; Media is all around us and much of it is sexually based or sexually related. Even in video games, children’s programs, and school plays, places you wouldn’t think about, sexual content can be found.

We all see it on the TV or hear it on the radio. We, as a society, see it as entertainment and we enjoy it. It is almost as if sex is amusing to us, something we find pleasure in hearing about or watching. Why has it taken over so much of our media though? What does it mean? This is affecting our thoughts and morals.

When I watch TV there is not much thought about it, it is just watched. There is no analyzing of the content and what it is portraying as “normal.” But maybe we should be. We all like the shows, the music or the books, but we don’t realize that they are having a negative effect on our thoughts.

“There is a major disconnect between what mainstream media portray — casual sex and sexuality with no consequences — and what children and teenagers need.” This is according to the American Association of Pediatrics.

That’s right! Much of the media glamorizes casual sex and makes it out to be the best thing. Whether we realize it or not, the idea that casual sex is normal is being seeded in our heads. Have you ever heard someone say, “But everyone’s doing it?” Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. The media could be the reason why. We see things on TV and in the movies that makes it seem like everyone in the world is doing it. (Wouldn’t that be interesting!) But in all reality, not everyone is doing it.

Media is changing the way that we think and this comes with a price. There are many consequences that are not shown in the movies. It can affect you for the rest of your life, and not only you but your family as well. Disease, pregnancy & problems in the home: these are all serious consequences that are often ignored until they show up in your own life.

TV shows such as “16 and Pregnant” show young girls who many times weren’t expecting anything like that to happen to them, and they end up pregnant and have to deal with both the consequences and hardships. This is not only for teenagers; it’s for everyone to learn from. Everyone is subject to the media, even adults and married couples can be swayed by the content provided by the media.

Now that we are in college, I feel like we see this more and more. Friends & family are running around drinking and partying, making quick choices, not thinking about the possible results. Heck, we have all done that and I feel it’s becoming more common.

I am not saying that it’s horrible and no one should do it… that’s just unrealistic. We do however need to be aware of it and aware of the media, because the media’s constant portrayal of sex is becoming ridiculous.

Although we all may love “Jersey Shore” and Snooki, her lifestyle on the reality TV show has created her new reality as a soon to be mother. She did not think of the possible repercussions of her actions, and now she is pregnant. The media made us view her lifestyle as ideal, but now true reality has scorched that idea.

The media will continue following her as she goes from wild party girl to mother. This is a sign, a reminder that we are not all celebrities. We all need to take a step away from the media, take a look at reality, and be sure we know what we think and believe before we act.