Crash on east Benjamin Avenue

Alberto Garcia, A&E Editor

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Today at around 10:45 a.m.,  a car going eastbound on east Benjamin Avenue got into a wreck. Norfolk Police Chief Mizner, stated that the car was apparently hit a patch of ice which caused the driver to go into the guard rail. The car hit the guard rail over the bridge that spans the flood control near Northeast Community College. According to Mizner, the car supposedly fell more than 20 feet before landing under the bridge. There were two people in the car at the moment of the accident. One of the occupants was ejected out of the vehicle, and the other remained trapped in the vehicle until the EMT’s  arrived on the scene. The person that was ejected was taken via LifeNet to Mercy Medical in Sioux City. The other person that was trapped in the car required the use of special equipment to pry open the the vehicle and remove the person. The occupant that was trapped inside was also taken away, via LifeNet to Mercy Medical Center. The street will remain closed, at least while the accident investigation team reconstructs exactly what happened. See Updates at


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