February: Love Your Heart

Britt Young, News Editor

    February is a very busy month, but everyone should take time to worry about their hearts.
    It is very fitting that February is also American heart month.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, people are opening their hearts to others, but are they aware of how healthy their hearts are?
    On the CDC website they state that one every three deaths is caused by heart disease or stoke.  That equals to be about 200,000 deaths a day due to heart disease of stroke.
    Cardiovascular disease is also very expensive to take care of.  The CDC said that $444 billion was spent in 2010 for hospital expenses due to heart disease and stoke.  That is an extremely high number spent on one issue.
    There are number of things that can be done to prevent these kind of problems.  A proper diet is very important when dealing with heart disease.  Watching what is eaten daily will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  
    Eating high fat can cause many problems with the heart and brain.
    Exercise or staying active is also very important.  Exercise will make the heart strong and reduce the fat around the heart and other areas.
    Having yearly exams can help keep track of what is going on with the heart and the rest of your body as well.
    American Heart Month is to help everyone aware of the things that can happen if people do not start helping themselves.  There are people in every one’s lives that they want to be around for, start a new life today.