Be Safe: Wrap it up

Britt Young, News Editor

    The month of February is the month of love, but it is also the time of year to get a reminder to wrap it up and be safe.
    February is National Condom month, where protection awareness is the key.  On it states that 40% of women that get pregnant did not want to get pregnant.  This was due to no protection and trying other methods instead.
    Contraception is not hundred percent affective, but it is better than nothing at all.  Many women and men do not think that it could happen to them, and use no protection.  That is where things go very wrong.
    The United States is trying to get the number of unwanted births down in the United States through education.  There have been many commercials on television showing a pig trying to use no protection.
    Also with the rise in teen pregnancies sex education is trying to discuss different options that will help out teens if they are planning on having sex.  
    Unwanted births change lives, and break up dreams.

The new show Teen Mom, shows girls that didn’t use protection and got pregnant.  It shows everything that they have to deal with on a day to day basis.  Most of them have stated that they shouldn’t have been so stupid about everything.  They should asked or gotten some kind of protection.

    All contraception help in the battle of unwanted pregnancies, but condoms also help prevent STDs.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are infections that are given to another person through sexual intercourse.
    On states that 19 million new STDs occur each year, and almost half of them occur between the ages of 15 and 24.  
    One thing that can prevent STDs is wearing a condom when having any kind of sexual contact with another person.  
    Please remember condoms do help reduce the chance of STDs, but partners should get tested to really know what they are dealing with.
    Before a decision is made to have sex the two main questions should be asked:  1.  Do you want a STD?  2.  Do want to have a baby?  If both of those are no, do something about it.

There is nothing wrong with being careful, and remember condoms and other contraception are not a hundred percent affective.  The only thing that is, is abstinence.